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9% Cap Rate Properties

Here are a number of properties that offer 9%+ cap rates with solid tenants and good leases.  High rewards are often accompanied by high risk.  Nevertheless, sometimes the potential reward outweighs the risk, and sometimes the risk is overstated.  

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Principals Only, Please.

1)  Nelbud Services Group - Egg Harbor NJ:  $1,075,000, 9.75% Cap Rate, 7 Year NN Lease.
  Nelbud is a leader in commercial kitchen hood cleaning services and supplies.  This facility, 9600 SF on 3.5 acres of land, serves as the company's corporate headquarters and is a mission critical location.  There are 7 years remaining on a NN lease (landlord is responsible for the repair of the roof).  Strong location with access to major cities and customers.  Offered at $1,075,000 with a 9.75% cap rate.

2)  Pollard iLottery - Lansing MI:  $1,500,000, 11.0% Cap Rate, 4 Year NN Lease.  The tenant is Pollard Banknote, a leading supplier of instant tickets for over 25 years serving 60 lottery and gaming organizations worldwide.  Pollard signed a new 6 year lease, with 2% annual increases, two 4-yr options, and has 4 years remaining.  Offered at $1,500,000 with an 11% cap rate.

3)  Midwest Hose and Specialty - Dickinson ND:  $1,600,000, 10.0% Cap Rate, 5 Year NNN Sale/Leaseback.  Midwest Hoes and Specialty provides high quality hydraulic, industrial and oilfield hose products and has over 24 locations nationwide.  Offered at $1,600,000 with a 10% cap rate.

4)  Lone Star Steakhouse - Middletown OH:  $1,828,800, 9.75% Cap Rate, 5 Year NNN Lease.  Two 5-yr options, and 2% annual increases, with corporate guarantee.  The property sits on over 1.5 acres, strategically benefits from surrounding retailers.  Offered at $1,828,800, with a 975% cap rate.

5)  State Police Forensics Lab - Morton IL:  $1,920,000, 9.0% Cap Rate, 8 Year Net Lease.  This site serves the Forensic Sciences Command, occupying a long term lease with the state of Illinois, with 8 years remaining on a new 10 year firm which commenced in 2014.  The facility in Morton is one of six operational laboratories throughout the state.   Offered at $1,920,000 with a 9.0% cap rate.

6)  GEODynamics - Dickinson ND:  $2,386,570, 9.0% Cap Rate, 7 Year NNN Lease.  Leased by GeoDynamics, a manufacturer of products for the oil and gas industry with over 350 employees and $46M+, with 7 years remaining on a triple net lease, with two 5-yr options, and 1% annual increases.  Offered at $2,386.570 with a 9.0% cap rate.

7)  845 Oil Field Services - Weatherford TX:  $2,627,027, 9.25% Cap Rate, 7 Year NNN Lease.  1845 Oil Field Services is one of the largest proppant transportation, freight management and logistics companies in North America.  Purchased in 2012 by AVC Partners providing operational executive leadership in accelerating the development of the company.  Seven years remaining on a 10 year NNN lease.  New construction, in 2010, and solid location.  Offered at $2,627,027 with a 9.25% cap rate.

8)  Gander Mountain - York PA:  $2,868,923, 9.75% Cap Rate, 5 Year Corporate NN Lease.  Gander Mountain recently exercised it's five year net lease option with two more 5-yr options to renew with $15,540 rent increases.  The lease is guaranteed by the Gander Mountain Corp. Strong location, with over 130,000 population within a 5 mile radius.  Offered at $2,868,923 with a 9.75% cap rate.


9)  Medical Marijuana Cultivation Zone - Adelanto CA:  $3,500,000, 13.5% Cap Rate, 5 Year NNN Lease.  Built in 2007, this building is fully occupied with 20,000 SF.   Offered at $3,500,000 with a 13.5% cap rate.

10)  USA 800 Call Center - Wichita Falls TX:  $4,250,000, 12.4% Cap Rate, 6 Year NNN Lease.  The property is leased to USA 800, an award winning call center with five locations throughout the United States.  The lease is a NNN leased property, with six years remaining, ending in October, 2023.  Strong location in major urban center of Wichita Falls MSA.  Offered at $4,250,000 with a 12.4% cap rate. 

 Noah's Event Center - Chicago (Naperville) IL:  $5,567,000, 9.0% Cap Rate, 20 Year Corporate NNN Lease.  Noah Corp. develops and operates multi-use facilities for events - conference center space for business, corporate, community events, weddings, parties, etc. Newly built facility (2015)  located on Shuman Blvd just south of I-88 (with 140,000 VPD).  New 20 year NNN lease with corporate guarantee, with a 10% rent increase in year 6, and 2% every year thereafter.  Noah's is a national brand with 35 locations in 22 states.  Offered at $5,567,000 with a 9.0% cap rate.

12)  Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) - Detroit MI:  $6,479,750, 10.0% Cap Rate, 11 Year Government NN Lease.  
The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services is a principal department of the State of Michigan providing public assistance, child and family welfare services, and oversees health policy and management.  The lease is guaranteed by the credit of the state, which is S&P Rated AA-/Stable.  The tenant recently early exercised a 6 year extension through June 2028.  Offered at $6,479,750 with a 10.0% cap rate.

13)  Wilberforce University - Dayton OH:  $7,000,000, 9.5% Cap Rate, 15 Year Sale-Leaseback Net Lease.  The lease commences upon close of escrow with a 15 year term, plus eight 5-yr options, with 1.5% annual increases.  The offering includes the Alumni Multiplex, an on-campus student athletic facility and the Health & Wellness Center which is a multi-use center for students and faculties.  Offered at $7,000,000 with a 9.5% cap rate.

14)  Alorica Business Solutions - Pensacola FL:  $8,280,000, 9.75% Cap Rate, 5 Year NN Lease.  Alorica Business Solutions presents a 57,000 square foot office and call center facility on 13.7 acres.  Alorica's internal performance measures rank this operation in the top 20% out of 147 worldwide locations.   Offered at $8,280,000 with a 9.75% cap rate.

Principals Only, Please.

For more information, or to discuss your needs, please call John Bremner at 415-234-6093.  

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