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NNN Industrial Properties

This is a selection of the best Triple Net Leased (NNN) Industrial Properties currently available.  If you would like more information about any of these, or other properties, please call John Bremner 415-234-6093. 

Principals Only, Please.

1)  Windstream Communications - Fairfield TX:  $1,040,000, 7.8% Cap Rate, 10 Year NNN Lease.  Windstream Communications is a S&P 500 company, (NASDAQ:  WIN), which provides advanced network communications, cloud computing and managed services to businesses nationwide.  Ten years remaining on NNN lease with 2.25% annual increases.  Newly built-to-suit for Windstream in 2014.  Strategic location off I-45 between Dallas and Houston in the Fairfield Industrial Park.  Offered at $1,040,000 with a 7.8% cap rate.

2) Andstrom Aluminum - Lowell MI:  $1,160,000, 8.5% Cap Rate, 10 Year Absolute NNN Lease.
  Angstrom is a designer and manufacturer of tubular parts, primarily for the automotive industry, with locations in the United States, India and South Korea.  10 Years remain on absolute NNN lease.  Strong location with more than 2.3 million square-feet of leased industrial facilities within a 3 mile radius.  Offered at $1,160,000 with an 8.5% cap rate.

3)  Sunbelt Rentals - Burleson TX:  $1,400,000, 6.5% Cap Rate, 8 Year NN Lease.
  Sunbelt Rentals is the 2nd largest rental company in the US, with more than 550 locations, and is the tenant with 8 years remaining on NN lease, with increases every 5 years, with two 5-yr options. Lease is guaranteed by Ashtead Group PLC (S&P Rated BB) with over $6B in revenues.  Offered at $1,400,000 with a 6.5% cap rate.

4)  United Site Services - Houston TX:  $1,715,000, 7.0% Cap Rate, 10 Year Absolute NNN Lease.  United Site Services is a leader in portable toilet rentals, rest room trailer rentals and temporary fencing.  The company have 60+ locations across the US.  There are 10 years remaining on the NNN lease, with 3% annual increases.  The property is conveniently located off I-225 with access to the greater Houston market.  Offered at $1,715,000 with a 7.0% cap rate.

5)  Ferguson Enterprises - Cincinnati OH:  $1,787,000, 7.7% Cap Rate, 7 Year Corporate NNN Lease.
  This property consists of two Ferguson distribution warehouses.  Ferguson is the largest plumbing wholesaler in North America, and a major distributor of HVAC equipment, industrial pipes, etc.  The two properties are leased by Ferguson with 7 years remaining on a NNN Lease and one 3-yr option.  Offered at $1,787,000 with a cap rate of 7.7%.

6)  Scott's Lawn Service - Buffalo Grove IL:  $1,889,000, 7.0% Cap Rate, 8 Year NNN Lease.
EG Systems, dba Scott's Lawn Service has occupied the premises for 10 years, and has recently renewed it's lease for another 10 years, with two more options.  EG Systems is a subsidiary of the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company.  Offered at $1,889,000 with a 7.0% cap rate.

7)  Commercial Metal Forming - Saginaw TX:  $2,005,000, 7.5% Cap Rate, 15 Year Absolute NNN Lease.
 Commercial Metal Forming (CMF) has occupied the property for 20 years, and will be entering into a new 15 year absolute NNN lease with 1.5% annual increases at closing.  CMF is a leading manufacturer of tank heads and accessories.  The Saginaw location is strategically located for its supply chain centers.  Offered at $2,005,000 with a 7.5% cap rate.

8)  United Rentals - Jacksonville FL:  $2,400,000, 7.0% Cap Rate, 7 Year NNN Lease.  United Rentals is the largest rental company in the US, with 7 years on its NNN lease.  The property has a fenced yard for trailer parking and large equipment.  Offered at $2,400,000 with a 7.0% cap rate.

Grifols Plasma Collection Facility - Indianapolis IN:  $3,425,000, 7.0% Cap Rate, 10 Year NNN Lease.  Grifols is a Spanish multinational $20 Billion pharmaceutical and chemical company, rated BB by S&P, with over 150 plasmapheresis centers.  The tenant is currently spending $2 Million to expand operations at this property.  10 years remain on triple net (NNN) lease with 2% annual increases.  Offered at $3,385,000 with a 7.0% cap rate.

10)  FedEx Ground - London KY:  $4,650,831, 6.5% Cap Rate, 7 Year NN Lease.  Fed Ex Ground entered into a new 10 year NN lease in 2013 when they built this distribution center. There are 7 years remaining with two 5-yr options.  The property is an ideal logistics location located off HWY 80, west of I-75, 600 miles from 51% of the major retail markets in the US.  Offered at $4,650,831 with a 6.5% cap rate.

For more information regarding these properties, call John Bremner at 415-234-6093.    Principals Only, Please.

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