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This is a selection of some of the most attractive Triple Net Leased (NNN) Office Properties currently available.  If you would like more information about any of these properties, please call John Bremner - 415-234-6093.  

Principals Only, Please.

For more information regarding these properties, call John Bremner at 415-234-6093.

1)  DaVita Dialysis - Humboldt TN:  $1,138,000, 8.85% Cap Rate, 11 Year NNN Lease.
  DaVita recently signed a 10 year extension (which suggests a commitment to the location) of their lease which starts April 2016, so there are 11 years remaining.  The property has a NNN lease, with the tenant reimbursing the landlord for expenses.  There are annual 2% rent increases, as well as two 5-yr options.  The property is well located for DaVita, with the Humboldt General Hospital only 1.1 miles away as well as other health care services.  Offered at $1,138,000 with an 8.85% cap rate.

2)  Talecris Plasma Resources - Del Rio TX:  $1,312,500, 8.0% Cap Rate, 5 Year NN Lease.  Talecris, the tenant since 2005, was acquired in 2011 for $3.4B by Grifols, a global healthcare company with more than 13,000 employees.  The lease is corporately guaranteed by Grifols/Talecris who recently exercised their first 5-yr option.  The lease is now a 5 year NN lease.  There is a new roof in March of 2015.  Strong location near the cross-border traffic.  Offered at $1,312,500 with an 8.0% cap rate.

3)  Baylor Medical Center - Dallas TX:  $1,620,000, 8.0% Cap Rate, 5 year NNN Lease.  This is a City Square Community Clinic/Baylor Health property in Dallas TX.  The City Square Community Clinic serves as the "medical home" to more than 2000 patients, providing accessible, affordable preventive health care.  Baylor Scott & White Health entered into a 15 Year NN Lease with 10% rent increases every four years.  There are 5 years remaining on the lease, with two 5-yr options.  Offered at $1,620,000 with an 8.0% cap rate.

4)  NOAA Facility - Fort Worth TX:  $3,429,000, 7.0% Cap Rate, 13 Year Modified Gross Lease.  The tenant is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which is a scientific agency within the US Dept. of Commerce.  In 2013, NOAA signed a 15 year modified gross lease (taxes, insurance & maintenance paid by landlord, but reimbursed by tenant), with escalation clauses built into the lease.  The lease is guaranteed by the US Government.  Offered at $3,429,000 with a 7.0% cap rate.

Principals Only, Please.


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